Edify offers onboarding, manager training, and knowledge management services to help take the pain out of scaling your business.

Corporate, Departmental, and Team Level Onboarding

Feeling the pain of “too long” time to productivity, poor employee experience, or high turnover?

We know how challenging it is to balance all the asks on your time as an HR leader or CEO. Shipping a functional, experience-rich onboarding program sounds like something that you could ‘get to’ next month - but if it keeps getting pushed down the schedule, we should talk. Edify partners with people operations and learning & development teams to architect, develop, and produce world-class onboarding programs at the company, department, and team levels.

Our experience with employee-centric onboarding programs, building for time-to-productivity, and planning for program evolution from the start is unmatched. Curious about how Edify builds onboarding programs, budgets, timelines, and more? Get our short guide to producing onboarding programs with Edify!

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