Dark Pattern

What's Your Dark Pattern?

In my most recent post about employee growth at your company, I paraphrased Brian Balfour’s words on authentic growth and applied them to employee onboarding...

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Growth Shouldn’t Just Be for Customers

Let’s not get carried away with customer growth. You wouldn’t have those customers if not for your employees.

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MVP Onboarding for the 97% of Startups Who Have None

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Onboarding for startups

MVP Onboarding For The 97% of Startups Who Have None

Being a small, rapidly changing startup with no time to do onboarding doesn’t have to mean your employees don’t get onboarded at all.

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The cost of not onboarding new hires

The Cost of (Not) Onboarding Your New Hire

I calculated for a client once that it cost them about $350,000 to replace a junior engineer if she left at 12 months. How much is turnover costing you?

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