Podcast Episode 3 - What Is Culture, Anyways?

I’m so excited to have Dara Blumenthal on the podcast today. I’ve admired her work and her articles for quite some time and I think you’ll see why very soon. We get to talk about her research and how it relates to the culture work she does today and what it actually means to do strategy in a company. Let me tell you a bit about her.

Dr. Dara Blumenthal is a scholar of identity and embodiment who is passionate about humanizing the workplace. She is the head of Strategy and Culture at Live Grey, where she specializes in cultivating more authentic and emotionally intelligent cultures by weaving together group dynamics, interpersonal coaching and organization design. After teaching University for five years, Dara became a member of Undercurrent, designing and implementing people systems for GE and American Express. Dara holds a PhD in Sociology, a Master’s in Critical Theory and a Bachelor’s in Sound and Embodiment, is a Usui Reiki master, a published author and has spoken internationally. Her monograph is entitled Little Vast Rooms of Undoing and she writes regularly on culture, organization design, and everyday life on Medium.com.

Read the full transcript here!

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Posted by Kristen Gallagher

Kristen Gallagher
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