Learning Design for Small Businesses

In my last post on using learning design, I mentioned a couple of ways businesses can benefit from using learning in their operations. In this post, I want to talk specifically about how online businesses, solopreneurs, and other awesome freelancers can use learning design to grow their businesses!

Have you ever taken an e-course? What about an in-person workshop? Been to a conference lately? Downloaded a PDF guide to just about anything recently? You probably have. I know I have – I do this kind of stuff almost daily (it is my job, after all)! I’m gonna take a gamble here and guess that your general reaction to most of these things is: Ameh, I kind of knew that already. Where’s the real stuff?” or AI’m bored by this already and I’m just going to play it in the background.” If that’s the case, you’re normal. Unfortunately, about 90% of the content “Out There” is pretty terrible. I hate saying that, because I feel like it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings… but someone has to do it. Might as well be me.

I’m also here to tell you that content doesn’t have to be bad. It doesn’t have to be boring. See, here’s the thing: most of us grew up in a school system that truly failed us. You may not know it yet – but keep reading. The western school system – for about 80 years – has failed to teach us how to learn and how to teach. Yeah, read that again: it didn’t teach us how to truly learn, and it didn’t teach us how to teach other people effectively. What this means is that most of us have a hard time sharing our hard-earned expertise in a meaningful and applicable way. For us business owners, this means that we often try to take our expertise into the world and teach it – only to find that we don’t really know how to teach.

This is totally fixable! There are really easy ways to learn how to be a better teacher, instructor, facilitator, coach… etc., and all you have to do is follow along with me at @edifyedu, on our Pinterest or here on the blog. I know many of you are absolutely brilliant – I’ve met so many wonderful people along my journey, and I know you have something to share. Learning design can help you share your brilliance – in a way that grows you and your customers. To show you how learning design really works, I made a PDF guide (go figure!)

Download the free guide here, and tell me what you think: kristen@edifyedu.com

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Posted by Kristen Gallagher

Kristen Gallagher

Photograph by Hailey King

Kristen Gallagher is the founder and CEO of Edify, a learning strategy partner that develops learning strategies and employee onboarding programs for high-growth technical organizations. Kristen has architected and delivered onboarding programs for companies bringing on just one person a quarter to 100+ people a quarter, in just one office and 13+ global offices. Her range of expertise in the science of adult learning, business strategy, knowledge management, and organizational development means that Kristen architects programs that are designed to evolve and scale with rapid changes.

At Edify, we believe that high growth doesn't have to mean high pain. We partner with you to build programs customized to your team to get your new hires up to speed faster and better - and help get them past those critical 6, 12, and 18 month marks. We do what few consultants dare to offer: we actually integrate your IT, HR, and Facilities teams to create a unified onboarding experience for both employees, managers, and administrators. We create onboarding experiences led by the new hire themselves - creating value for their development and their manager. We deliver value across the business by helping you create a business objective-focused and actionable learning & development strategy. We help you pinpoint the challenges your junior and seasoned, but unsupported, managers face in juggling people management and technical management, then we solve for exactly those challenges.

If you're tired of scrambling to onboard your new hires, struggling with the same-old, same-old management challenges, and looking to galvanize your team so they can meet the vision, it's time you looked for a partner like Edify!