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MVP Onboarding for the 97% of Startups Who Have None

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Onboarding for startups

MVP Onboarding For The 97% of Startups Who Have None

Being a small, rapidly changing startup with no time to do onboarding doesn’t have to mean your employees don’t get onboarded at all.

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The cost of not onboarding new hires

The Cost of (Not) Onboarding Your New Hire

I calculated for a client once that it cost them about $350,000 to replace a junior engineer if she left at 12 months. How much is turnover costing you?

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Onboarding is unboxing

Onboarding is Unboxing

86 percent of them felt that new employees make the choice to stay within their first six months. So what to do about that? Let’s turn to product unboxing for some answers.

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Get Onboard - The Whitepaper

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