Case Study #1

CASE STUDY: Global Onboarding for a Software Automation Leader

At the cusp of expansion across the globe, Puppet - the Portland-based software automation leader - faced inconsistent employee onboarding experiences and slow time-to-productivity. We were thrilled to be able to work with this trailblazing company to help them refine one area of their business.

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Your team isn't working

Your team isn’t working. Here’s why.

You've added 10, 25, maybe 50 people to your team in the last year. You're probably interviewing quite a bit, and saying "no" twenty times as often as you're saying "yes." You only want to hire people who you think will make valuable contributions, who'll work the best with your existing team, and who'll be right for the stage your startup is in.

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Woman laughing at table

Improving Your Engineering Team's Onboarding Processes

Getting onboarding right is not easy. If your onboarding isn’t successful there may be long term repercussions, lowered productivity, and then finally a scene of you saying goodbye to that once promising employee as they get frustrated and leave. Don't let that happen!

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Dark Pattern

What's Your Dark Pattern?

In my most recent post about employee growth at your company, I paraphrased Brian Balfour’s words on authentic growth and applied them to employee onboarding...

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Growth Shouldn’t Just Be for Customers

Let’s not get carried away with customer growth. You wouldn’t have those customers if not for your employees.

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