Everything you need to know about Edify

Our values.

Edify was founded to bring the human experience back to learning & development.


We don’t opt to take the more traveled path just because that’s the norm. We opt for the path that bodes the best for our world and our clients.


We realize that we cannot understand what it is truly like to be someone else. We realize that to be, in our hearts and our actions, truly empathetic, we must drink a tall glass of humility every morning.


We are a company that helps other people learn to learn, and teach to teach. To do that successfully, we must be ever-vigilant that our curiosity levels are abnormally high.


Problems don’t just go away. The most wicked challenges of our world must be approached head-on. We choose to be tenacious in our research, listening, openness, and problem-solving.

CEO & Founder

Kristen Gallagher

Kristen Gallagher is an organizational strategies and learning designer. Specializing in onboarding systems, manager development, and knowledge management, Gallagher delivers programs that are designed to evolve and scale with rapid changes. She is the founder and CEO of Edify and has architected and delivered onboarding programs for companies bringing on just one person a quarter to 50+ people a quarter.

She brings over eight years of learning design, business development, and program operations and strategy to Edify. She guides growing tech companies to create amazing people systems, learning programs, and cultures that scale. Kristen speaks on human resources, human centered design, learning & development in technical environments, and integrated people operations across the country. Informed by her interests in technical product design, art history, contemporary Southeast Asian art, and museums, Kristen brings an iconoclastic approach to designing and implementing learning programs in tech environments.

She's spoken and taught at Learning Dev Camp, ATD Cascadia, ACTW, Refresh Portland, Product Tank, PHRMA, and dozens of other conferences. Effective, efficient programs, events, and strategies are what motivate her, and in every project, she engages teams to understand trade-off’s, make data-driven decisions, and design evolvable solutions.