Take the growing pains out of scaling.

What can Edify do for you?

Edify is a learning strategy firm that removes the employee development challenges from scaling your startup.


Onboarding that scales with you and cuts time to productivity in half - for every level of your business.


Invest in helping managers be better people leaders through targeted development.

L&D Strategy

Deliver the learning programs your team needs, in the right timeframe and budget.

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Improving Your Engineering Team's Onboarding Processes

Getting onboarding right is not easy. If your onboarding isn’t successful there may be long term repercussions, lowered productivity, and then finally a scene of you saying goodbye to that once promising employee as they get frustrated and leave. Don't let that happen!
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What's Your Dark Pattern?

In my most recent post about employee growth at your company, I paraphrased Brian Balfour’s words on authentic growth and applied them to employee onboarding...
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Podcast Episode 6: Experience is Everything

My guest today is Emily Griffith, an absolutely awesome person, whom you’ll see why very soon. Emily is the Ambassador of Awesome at FINE...
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Our Clients

We've worked with companies across the industry to deliver the highest quality onboarding, manager development, and learning programs:
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"Kristen has changed the way I think not only about employee onboarding, but about building a company. I'm more mindful about creating a healthy culture where everyone grows and thrives, and co-creating that plan with our team. Companies can't succeed without strong, capable, empowered, successful teams. And successful teams cannot be built without a champion there to create that path to success. Kristen is that champion."

Switchboard Mara Zepeda,   Founder

"Kristen developed an amazing onboarding program for us in a time of intense change, led initiatives for learning & development in every department, and architected a knowledge management system that informed how delivered key information to employees."


"You are an amazingly knowledgable and skilled facilitator. You made me feel really comfortable in the learning environment. I think our managers will become better & more mindful around at asking questions. I also think our managers will build relationships with one another that will further their learning."

SurveyMonkey Karen Callahan,   Director of Learning and Development

"We were able to successfully outline an onboarding program for our tech team members in Portland that accelerated their time to proficiency and effectiveness. It can be challenging to work with a consultant on a project like this because they are not ingrained in the culture. Kristen however did a good job of listening to our feedback and incorporating it into the work she did."

Renew Financial

"I have consistently heard from my leadership team that they wish they had this support years ago and are beyond thrilled to have Edify helping us out. You'd be crazy not to work with Edify - they are a true partner and will invest in seeing you through to success."


"You were extremely flexible and understanding during a difficult time in our company, you were approachable and down to earth (not preachy) with your knowledge. You were inclusive with all members of the session and made them feel a part of it. You representing me better than any other consultant/outside person has ever done! Managers and others are now actually talking about Performance Management in a way that is inspiring, realizing we need to do a better job at it and their openness and willingness to participate. People should know that you are excellent at what you do, extremely humble and so incredibly thorough."


"When we started working with Edify, we definitely knew we needed to create a more streamlined structure for onboarding our technical team members. However, there were differences of opinion on how to do that - Kristen was able to hear our thoughts and concerns across the business and partner with HR and our technical teams to create a program that works for us. I have managers telling me how happy they are that there are templates and tools for them to use when they bring on a new hire, and one even said ‘I think we should have done this years ago - this is going to have value for us even if we never hire again!’ I can say confidently that we have a program that is helping us scale and acclimate new team members without taxing our managers and current teams. If you get the chance to work with Kristen, definitely take that opportunity! "